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Why not use netbeans as fundation?

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Paul Huang
Joined: 2006-02-17

Hi Cedric

I am confused at your words. I checked those URL you've listed and I do not see any overlap between JDIC & netbeans.

I copied a brief introduction about JDIC FYI.

"Initially the project supports features such as embedding the native HTML browser, programmatically opening the native mail tool, using registered file-type viewers, and packaging JNLP applications as RPM, SVR4, and MSI installer packages. As a bonus, an SDK for developing platform-independent screensavers is included."

I checked the latest netbean API list at
and I didn't see any API could embed a native HTML browser, use registered file-type viewers, package JNLP applications into native installer, etc.

I really appreciate if you could help to specify.

Thanks for your information