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Re: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError when trying to start Browser Demo on L

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> Yes, that's a Mozilla problem. On the one hand, have you followed exactly the installation instructions ? :
> If it still doesn't work. The released mozembed-linux-gtk2 binary(built with Mozilla 1.4.1) may have different built configuration with your Mozilla 1.6.
> Please try to compile the source as below. The built mozembed-linux-gtk2 binary should definitely work with the built Mozilla binary.

I'll try to build this again.

> This is because you didn't set MOZILLA_SRC_HOME to a built Mozilla binary from source according the Build the Source instructions at:
> Please download a Mozilla source, built it and setup the environment variable MOZILLA_SRC_HOME to the top directory of Mozilla source code.

Got it, thanks.

Nevertheless, it really bogs me that this turns out to be that complex, when using
different versions of Gnome (I also tried with Gnome2.4) and Mozilla. There's no way,
I can ship this with an application on Linux currently.

Do you consider to ship Mozilla libs with your binary package anytime in the future?

Thanks for your help!


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