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JDIC released !

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An update release to the initial release 0.8.4. The tag created in the CVS tree for this release is JDIC_0_8_4_1.

The downloads are available at:

Since most of the changes involve the source and Windows code, only source and Windows binary are updated.

The ChangeLog file as below:
2004-07-07 George Zhang

* Release

* Fixed issue list:
ID Pri Summary
== === =======
11 P3 Executable files lost executable permission in the generated
15 P3 [Windows] Exception by using -rd
22 P3 Patch or Issue 9, 12~19
27 P3 Error to package web-based webstart application
49 P3 Further browsing doesn't work with browser component.
50 P3 "jni.h not found" error building JDIC source on Windows

2004-06-01 George Zhang

* Release 0.8.4 (initial release)

Which is also online at:

-George Zhang