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Access to DOM in browser

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Joined: 2004-06-02

The browser component is great, something I've been hoping for a while. What would make it perfect is if I could read and write the browser's DOM.

The Java Plug-in already provides interfaces for this:

Is this something I can expect JDIC's browser API to support?


p.s. I was glad to see JDIC at JavaOne and it was a pleasure to meet Paul.

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Hi Turadg

Really glad to have your confirmation here and thanks for bringing up the reference API.

Yes, JDIC group is planning to provide DOM support for browser. The DOM support should be one of our major features in the next phase.

So, just stay tuned. And also, you are encouraged to contribute your idea/suggestion/code to JDIC. We are expecting more team member from the community.