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[Announce] JDIC release 0.8.5 is available !

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Dear all,

JDIC release 0.8.5 including the source and binaries is now available at:

Which is a major release after the initial release 0.8.4.

What's new in this release:
* The Browser demo supports "https" protocol.
* WebBrowser.willOpenURL(URL url) supports URLs with "file" as the prototol.
* The Browser component supports Java Web Start application.
* The Browser component can check the default browser, without requiring to set MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME.
* The Browser component supports TitleChange and StatusTextChange event.
* The Browser component works with mozilla 1.4.1 downloaded from
* Support for Gnome 2.0+, without link error for Gnome 2.6.
* JDIC Packager supports remote JNLP applications via a jnlp URL.
* JDIC Packager correctly checks javaws path from /etc/mailcap file on Unix.
* Lots of fixes to JDIC Package for Windows platform.
* Updated COPYING file.

All the enhancements and bug fixes are handled through the reported issues in
Issue Tracker. Check the included ChangeLog file for a complete list of fixed issues. Which is also online at:

The 0.8.5 release is available for Windows/Linux/Solaris-sparc platforms. There is no updated release for Mac and FreeBSD. Please check the 0.8.4.* releases for the support
of Mac and FreeBSD:

Cheers !

JDIC Team.