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[Fwd: cannot getting data from a IE popup windows]

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well, I found out that the problem is that opening a new IE popup window
always a new session is generated, while the same does not happen using
IE not embedded. Any idea on how can I avoid this, that is on how can I
force that the new IE popup window had the same session that the parent
has? Really, if I leave the javascript code in my jsps everything works
ok; but I'd prefer to generate my js code on the fly using tags and
taghandlers and, to do that, I need some data from the session : if the
session changes these data are null.

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Subject: cannot getting data from a IE popup windows
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 09:21:11 +0200
From: Silvio Gabban

it does not give me error; it seems not to find the javascript opener
handler cause nothing is returned to the parent window. Any idea on how
have I to write my code (now is javascript but I can change it) to
return data from an IE child popup window to my parent window embedded
in jdic? By the way, Great Project!!! Thanks a lot in advance. Regards.