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Running jdic in jre 1.3.1

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I am trying to run jdic in version 1.3.1 of the jvm. i know that i would have to recompile the jdic classes and get msc++ compiler and install ant etc. Before i go ahead and carry this out is there a point in doing this. Will jdic run annd more importantly compile??

i would love to upgrade but i have restrictions that prevent me from doing this.

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thanks georgez

that did give me a bit more of a definate answer.

Much appreciated


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Hi Ziggy,

We compiled and released JDIC binaris for jdk 1.4.*, so that it work with 1.4.* and 1.5.*. We didn't test it using 1.3.*.

Sorry, I don't quite understand below words:
"...Will jdic run annd more importantly compile??"

To build the source yourself, please strictly follow the instructions:

Yes, it's bit trouble to build the source. But if you only build it on one platform, that's less work, though.