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is way to load tray.dll without using vm parameters?

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hi all, I am loading a application via Java Web Start
and don't think it supports vm parameters other than
memory and one other I think. But the jdic systray


where c:\xyz is where tray.dll is

I guess I could load the app, ftp the tray.dll
to the client and then if I had a way to specify
where the dll is after app is started, point to it
and it'll load then.

also, on a not so important note,
I don't see the src anywhere, is this something
thats not available.

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Joined: 2004-09-15

the reason I ask for the src code is becasie I would like to contribute and have the dll location be loaded
during runtime as well as via vm parameter

maybe its possible to load vm parameters programatically?

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print the "java.library.path" property (System.getProperty) and you should see a list of directories. The dll can go in any of those directories so you don't have to specify it at runtime. These directories differ from platform to platform.


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thanks will, but the thing is
its being downloaded via java web start, which puts
jars in its own cache and then mangles the name,
like tray.jar got renamed RMtray.jar

I think I have to use
java web start's

and put the dll at the root level in this system_try_dll.jar

and do a System.loadLibrary("tray");
on a windows pc this tries to load tray.dll

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ok, my code did not work above, i figured if I did a


and tray.dll was in a loaded jar at its root dir, then it would work, but its looking for the system property
java.library.path, even though i imagine that the jdic does a System.loadLibrary("tray"); in its internal code, but I do not have the src so not sure about that

i would like to look modify code so its more flexiable, or just solve this dilema :-)

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ok, i am getting closer, i found the src and in


there is a


now java web start claims to load a dll you must wrap
it in a jar, put the jar in the .jnlp resources tag
and under that add a nativelib tag with

this is from JWS dev guide

A nativelib element specifies a JAR file that contains native libraries. For example:

The JNLP Client must ensure that each file entry in the root directory of the JAR file (i.e., /) can be loaded into the running process using the System.loadLibrary method. Each entry must contain a platform-dependent shared library with the correct naming convention, e.g., *.dll on Windows, or lib*.so on Solaris/Linux. The application is responsible for doing the actual call to System.loadLibrary.

now the jdic WinSystemTrayService does this
but i get a UnsatisfiedLinkError exception.


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ok, fnally got it, works like a champ,
don't have to pass java.library.path
with -D, if using JWS,

where I put tray.dll in system_tray_dll.jar's
root dir