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0.8.5 Desktop.browse() does not start browser

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Joined: 2006-02-17

I am successfully using Desktop.browse(url) on a Windows machine by simply dropping the two dll files in one of the %PATH% directories.

I am not getting this to work on my Debian Linux machine.

Firstly, could you please clarify that all that is required is that the run-time shared library loader ( finds

I have tried
a) setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH
b) dripping the library in one of the paths specified in /etc/ (which I would prefer)

Desktop.browse() does not throw an exception. Just nothing happens.

The default browser on this Linux machine is Galeon 1.3.15. On the target machines it will be Epiphany (The web browser for the GNOME Desktop).
I am assuming that Desktop.browse() will start any default browser?!?!?!

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Joined: 2003-08-19

Hi tes,

We didn't test the releases on Debian Linux machines. Could you help to check if the included FileExplorer demo works ?
If it doesn't work either, seems that we've got the well-known compatibility problem with Linux distributions.
Then there needs to rebuild a JDIC release for Debian.

For the other point. Currently, as the README file states:

JDIC Browser component only supports the default IE/Mozilla on Windows, and Mozilla on Linux/Solaris, not including Galeon, or Ephphany. It might work, but not tested. I think it can't.