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Saverbeans - adding more jars

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How can I add additional jars to a saverbeans screensaver?

I�ve tried both augmenting the manifest-file and the conf-xml, but to no

- akafred


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Joined: 2004-05-17

Did you ever figure this out? Seems like no one here is too interested in answering this question. The way I got around it without having to mess with the original source was to add ";myJar.jar" after the target jar in the .xml file (see below)

_label="Configuration File:"
arg="-configFile %"/>

Runs as a Compute Node for a vritual super computer while screensaver is active:

This I am adding the extra jar remote.jar in there. The other option might be to actually package the other jars within the target jar file.

Joined: 2004-05-17

Note: I don't think this will work on unix without a seperate build because I "think" you need to have a ":" instead of a ";" but I haven't tested this as I run this only on windows.