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About cross-platform JDIC.

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In order to provide a cross-platform release, we have 2 reasonable choices.
One is to rename some classes that have an identical name on different platform. Then bundle all classes into one jdic.jar.
The other choice is to separate the jdic.jar into 2 jar files, named jdic.jar and jdic_stub.jar. The jdic.jar will contains all shared classes and jdic_stub.jar contains classes for specified platform. In this way, we will have several jdic_stub.jar each for a certain platform. They will be placed in separated sub-directory. So, in order to use this cross-platform jdic, we have to modify the classpath at runtime depends on the runtime platform. Of course, this can be done by using customed Classloader. But, obviousely, that will make things more complexity.

Since JDIC is targeting to be integrated into JDK. If so, there will be no problem with cross-platform.

Eventually, JDIC team decided NOT to provide a cross-platform release.

Since i have promised to offer a cross-platform release previously, i try to provide a useable cross-platform jdic binary. It use some reflect mechanism to deal with the class loading problem. It is not a good way to do that. If your application use your own classloader which is not extends from, there will be a problem of using this cross-platform jdic.

You can get it at:
This is a cross-platform jdic BUILD. It dosen't contains Packager. NOTE: IT IS NOT A JDIC RELEASE! AND IT MAY NOT STABLE! WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO USE THIS BUILD.

And i may not provide a cross-platform build in the future. If you realy want it, you can modify jdic code, and build it by yourself.

Kind Regards.

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Joined: 2003-06-21

Sorry, but this doesn't solve the problems a few users mentioned.

The problem is that there are more than one jar file and you can't bundle them into one big jar for the application. if you split the jars it doesn't help very much.

A few month ago I told gregorz that I want to create a branch of the tray-lib on sourceforge that renames the 2 classes that have the same name. He said he would do this in the main-branch so I haven't created the branch. So now I have to do this. Next month I will create this branch!