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i need your assistance plz

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Dear Sir,

I most ask of your pardon over this little contact assistance I need from you. My name is Linda Johnson Wood, A widow from United State of American .I need your help over a business contract that was hold between my late husband and his business partner, Mr. George Cooker from Spain.

The contract was given to them as a contractor and the contract Award letter was sent to my late husband business partner Mr. George Cooker that there contract sum is accomplished and that either two of them come down to the security diplomatic office in Spian to clear there money out and pay for the clearance fees or one of them should come down.

Mr. George Cooker , Send me a massage that I should come up with the part payment of clearance which is supposed to be part payment that my husband will pay to join him clear the contract sum out which is $45.5 Million USD (FORTY FIVE POINT FIVE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS). I don't have the part payment fees of clearance which my late husband were to support with his business partner to clear there contract sum out, that's is why I contacted you to see is you can assist me to join him and clear the sum out.

I am ready to give you 40% out from my own share which are supposed to be my late husband part share, provided that you asset over this transaction with us. I will direct you to him as soon as I here from you, as I told him that I will direct some one to him as soon as I find an assistance that will assist on my late husband side.

Thanks for Your Kind Assistance

Mrs. Linda Wood