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Getting the corrent HWND for the browser

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Like many others, I'm trying to get an image of the browser (when minimized). I know that's not possible using Java because of the native code doing the paint.

I have editted the C++ code to send WM_PRINT to a bitmap I get the HWND from the IeEmbed.cpp ABrowserWnd array.

Everything works and my code creates a BMP of the window, even when minimized. However, it only works until I scroll the window. After that, the bitmap is generated all white but the correct window size. If I type in a new URL and hit "enter" the bitmap again generates correctly. It continues to generate correctly (once per second) until I scroll. Then, all white again.

Any reason why? Am I somehow getting the wrong HWND the second time? I just use the ABrowserWnd array everytime, and it always only has one element in it.