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Alert API updates

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I've gone through and made a bunch of updates to the Alert project.

First, I have integrated the windows code. I haven't compiled the C
code yet. The build file is failing on the JNI part. There seems to be
a missing make file. How are the wallpaper APIs compiled?

Second, I changed the API to accept a Frame parameter to alert(). On
Windows this is used to determine which frame's task bar icon to flash.
On Mac this is ignore because alerts are application level.

Third, I added an isAlertsSupported() boolean to let developers take an
alternate action if the the platform doesn't support alerts (say Gnome
or KDE). I've added a similar method to the dock menu.

I took a lot of the critiques from Keith's blog:
Some of the issues I haven't addressed I will fix in the future. In
particular, I'm trying to figure out how to make the dock menu use the
swing thread properly. This isn't as easy as you would think due to the
nature of Cocoa callbacks.

- J

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