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[JAVAHELP] Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: [JAVAHELP] How to test context-sensitive help calls

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>>>Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 21:59:09 -0600
>>>Sender: Discussion list of JavaHelp
>>>From: Roger Brinkley
>>>Subject: Re: [JAVAHELP] How to test context-sensitive help calls
>>>Michael M�ller-Hillebrand wrote:
>>>>I am looking for a way to test whether help IDs are implemented
>>>>correctly before I deliver the help to the software department. I was
>>>>hoping that hsviewer.jar would provide something like a command line
>>>>option but cannot find anything in the docs.
>>>>java -jar /hsviewer.jar -helpid myhelpid
>>>There isn't such a feature in the hsviewer. Of course you could write a
>>>a program that create a helpset object from your helpset then gets a
>>>list of all the map ids and trys to open each of the URLS from the map
>>>id verifying that URL exists. Shouldn't be too hard to write. Maybe
>>>around 20-30 lines of code.

Another alternative would be to use the Helen help authoring tool
(available at Helen has a tool that runs a
consistency check on your entire helpset, and one of the things it verifies
is that all your help IDs in the map file are correct and actually point to
real files in the helpset. Here's the entire list of things it checks:

>At 08:15 AM 9/22/2003, Stephan Schlecht wrote:
>Helen verifies all helpIDs in the helpset, whether they are used
>somewhere or not. Also Helen verifies a lot of other potential
>(and sometimes non-obvious) consistency issues, for example
> a) are there navigator tooltips
> b) referenced xml file missing
> c) syntax error in map
> d) absolute URL settings (warning)
> e) text missing
> f) target missing
> etc. etc. etc.
>Stephan Schelcht
>Software 7 GmbH Tel: +49 941-7979682
>Ludwig-Eckert-Str. 8 Fax: +49 941-7979683
>93049 Regensburg


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