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Converting Word doc to Java Help: formatting issues

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Lionel LM
Joined: 2006-02-17

Dear all,

I am using JavaHelp 2.0 and I am encountering some common formatting issues (bullets, quotes, heading>6?)

My goal is to convert a MS Word 2000 document using a Word template built by my company, into a JavaHelp 2.0 jar files.

Quotes (�) are converted in square box for instance, bullets are converted into (.+square)

1. Would you have any recommendation on tools that efficiently executes this kind of conversion?

I tried ComponentOne Doc-2-Help, Quadralay WebWorks, but small formatting issues are still there.

2. Is JavaHelp fully HTML 3.2 compliant?

Maybe I can cleanup the template to conform to your HTML specification of reference? Would you have any suggestion on how to detect what is compliant with JavaHelp and what is not?

Thanks a million for your help
Lionel Le Marec