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[JAVAHELP] Big problem with context sensitive help

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Juan Daniel Riveros

I am having a quite difficult problem to solve using JavaHelp.
I am using the HelpBroker.enableHelpKey, and the displayHelpAfterTracking
and there is only one point in my application where even if I have the focus
in one of the elements of the Jpanel the F1 key doesn't show the right help
topic, but the helpAfterTracking clicking on the same component that has the
focus shows the right help topic.
After this happens the F1 key stops working right and shows the wrong help
topic in all the other Panels of my application.

I am using JavaHelp 1.1.3, and I also tried using the JavaHelp 2.0 and with
both I have the same problem. Anyone knows what this could be? Has anyone
have ever had the same problem?

Is there any way I can try to see where the tracking begins when I press the
F1 key?

Thanks a lot for your cooperation,

Juan Daniel Riveros


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DisplayHelpAfterTracking and DisplayHelpOnFocus use two different tracking mechanism. Though once you start through with who has focus these should be the same.

To track what's going on in Focus you could compile the file in the source file and set the debug flag to true. That should help out tracking the problem.