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[JAVAHELP] Help Installing JavaHelp

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Roger Brinkley wrote:
> Hello,
> I've seen your name (Binky) several times over the years in the world of
> Java and so when I came across your name again just now while trying to find
> out how in the world to "install" JavaHelp, I knew you could help me with
> this.
> I'm getting ready to create a new JavaHelp system for a Java application. I
> downloaded JavaHelp 2 and that's as far as I've gotten. Please believe me
> when I tell you that I've looked through the user guide and on Sun's Web
> site to try and figure out the next step but I'm just not seeing it. How in
> the world do I install JavaHelp? I'm clueless. Please help!

The instructions for downloading were on the install page.

unzip (or use your favorite archiving tools).

It's installed. That simple. Installing for the application is more
complicated but ask your developers for direction there. Tell them you
have a jh.jar file you need them to use plus your helpset file which I
assume will be jared as well.



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