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[JAVAHELP] JavaHelp V2.0_01 now avaialable for download

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JavaHelp V2.0_01 is now available for download at

This release is bug fix release to V2.0. The list of bugs that have been
fixed in this release are listed below.


* Bug 4923782 - SortMerge was not handling a dataless master
navigator (a master navigator with no elements) correctly. The symptom
was that the navigator being merged had nothing in it after the sort
merge. This bug has been fixed. Now, when a sort merge is performed, a
subhelpset navigator can populate a master navigator with data. One
effect of this fix is that a subhelpset can add new master elements, and
merges of subsequent subhelpsets with matching elements will then have
those elements merged into these new master elements as though the new
elements were originally part of the master helpset.

* Bug 4924174 - WindowPresentation.setSize not working on dialogs.
The symptom was that calling HelpBroker.setSize had no effect on the
size of the help window. Now setting the size of the presentation works
in all cases.

* Bug 4927588 - Search on statically merged helpsets was working
only for the master helpset. Now search works for all helpsets
statically merged into a helpset.

* Bug 4932737 - FavoritesAction in ApiDemo throws null pointer
exception. The NPE was thrown because the BasicFavoritesNavigator class
stored the last HelpEventModel, which in some cases didn't exist. This
class has been changed to use the currentID and currentURL from the
HelpModel instead.

There was an additional request in this bug report to add a
Favorites button to the IdeDemo. IdeDemo doesn't require a Favorites
button because the user can add a Favorites item by right-clicking the
mouse inside the Favorites navigator.

* Bug 4932740 - JavaHelp System User's Guide incorrectly states
that a Favorites button is automatically added to the toolbar of the
help viewer when you define a Favorites section in the helpset file.
This statement was partially correct: a Favorites button is
automatically added to the default help viewer. However, if you define
your own presentations in the helpset file, you must add a help action
for the favorites button to the toolbar section. See the updated JUHG
section "Favorites Navigator and File" for more information.

* Bug 4933497 - Can't print from Favorites navigator. This bug has
been fixed. You can now print any selected items in the Favorites navigator.

* Bug 4933965 - The Windows print dialog allows printing of up to
9999 blank pages on successive prints of JavaHelp topics. This bug has
been fixed.

* Bug 4934582 - Selecting a TOC item that has an alternate
presentation defined in the helpset file causes JavaHelp to hang. This
bug has been fixed.

* Bug 4934908 - Can't add a favorites from search if SearchItem URL
isn't in map file. The fix was to properly identify the help set name
and URL if a matching ID wasn't found in the helpset file.

* Bug 4936341 - When adding a favorite item the deep copy of a
FavoritesNode causes a null value to be created for a child, which in
turns causes an IllegalArgumentException to be thrown. Fixed in this
release - it's now possible to add a an item to the Favorites navigator
without causing exceptions.


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