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JavaHelp 2.0 Authoring Tool Now Shipping

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Dear JavaHelp Developer:

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpBreeze
JavaHelp Edition 3.0, which now includes full support
for JavaHelp 2.x. We invite you to download and try a
fully-function 15-day evaluation of HelpBreeze from

This new version of our tool provides a complete,
visual environment for creating and editing JavaHelp
2.0 and 1.x Systems.

HelpBreeze includes a visual editor and automatically
handles the creation and maintenance of all the files
required to create JavaHelp systems. You can also use
the project management features in HelpBreeze in
conjunction with your favorite stand-alone HTML editor
if you prefer.

New Features in Version 3 Include:

** Full support for JavaHelp 2.0, including the new
Favorites and Glossary views, Presentations, etc.
Easy-to-use visual tools are provided for creating
the table of contents, index and glossary.

** JavaHelp projects can target either JavaHelp 2.0 or

** Automatically create a web/intranet version or your
help system with an HTML table of contents and index.
Optionally include a Dynamic HTML
expanding/contracting TOC that requires no applets or

** Improved navigation within the editor.

** Dramatically improved Document Wizard now
integrates with Microsoft Word to create printed
documentation from your help system.

** Increased stability throughout the product. Dozens
of small improvements and fixes based on user

HelpBreeze JavaHelp Edition 3.0 is available now at an
introductory price of $199.00. Complete information,
online ordering and an evaluation copy are available

HelpBreeze JavaHelp Edition comes bundled with
HelpBreeze HTML Help Edition, so you get full support
for both JavaHelp and Microsoft HTML Help in the same

If you tried an earlier version of HelpBreeze JavaHelp
Edition, we encourage you to try this new version.
Numerous improvement have been made throughout the

Thank you for your time.

The HelpBreeze JavaHelp Team