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[JAVAHELP] Configurations and Java Help

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Roger Brinkley wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> Our Java application, controlling our Digital Press 2100, is running
> Java Help for online Help.
> Now we are getting more and more configurations in our system and
> inside Java Help we are supposed to react to these configurations,
> meaning only the content according to the loaded set of options and
> HW configurations should be visible in Help.
> We would like to generate a complete Java Help system, which gets
> stripped down to the configuration needed during installation time, as this
> is the moment where we know what configuration is needed.
> Also we would need to control somehow internal links to avoid links
> into sections, that are no longer there.
> Could you please give me your suggestions how to handle such
> configurations in Java Help?

I've posted this message on JavaHelp-Interest for others to respond to
as well. If you haven't already done so you might join the mailing list.

I think merged helpsets is the solution to your problem. I would suggest
creating a master helpset for the core components and then a helpset for
each option. At startup time your application can determine what the
configuration is and appropriately merge the help for the various
options. For the TOC you have a choice of using the mergetype
AppendMerge or UniteAppend. Developers have used both, though I would
probably recommend UniteAppend for your application. In the Index go
with SortMerge. Search merging is handled automatically.



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