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[JAVAHELP] Change window top icon

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Roger Brinkley

Per Lundkvist wrote:
> Ok, I have now tested my JavaHelp documentation in our application with our
> developers but still this does not work:
> 1.) Icon at top-left corner of the window does not show and I'm positive I
> have the correct mapID etc. It is identical to all other mapIDs I have and I
> call it in my HelpSet with my_icon in the

-tag. > > > 2.) The size and location is still not affected of what it says in my > -tag as: > > Forgot there is a bug when you use the default HelpBroker that it isn't picking up the default attributes. I've fixed it in the next release. In the meantime if you want to work around this name the presentation and then create the HelpBroker with that prsentation name. Binky ******************************************************************************** You may leave the list at any time by sending message with no subject and "SIGNOFF JAVAHELP-INTEREST" in the body to LISTSERV@JAVA.SUN.COM. Archives are available at Submit bug reports at