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Backaction and forwardaction not working in a sec. window

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Hi all,

I have a secondary window defined that has back and forward buttons on its
toolbar, but when I open a topic in this sec. window then click a link in
that topic to open a second topic in the same sec. window, the back action
button does not become active - it still appears as if there is no previous
topic. So I can't go back to the previous topic from within the sec. window.
Know what I mean?

However, if I open a third topic from within the same sec. window the back
button then "becomes active" and I can click it to go back to the previous
topic. But I can never get to the first topic that was in this sec. window.

I have another question about the back and forward buttons: I see that if
you click-and-hold on one of these buttons a list pops up that is a
"history" of all the topics (pages) that have been displayed so you can go
back to any of them. Where does JavaHelp get the string it uses to identify
each topic in this list? Seems like it should be the of the
individual topics, but that doesn't always seem to be the case.

By the way, I am so far doing all my viewing from hsviewer as my helpset
hasn't been "hooked into" our application yet.

Thanks for your help :-)

Ellen Meeker
Compass a.i.
El Dorado Hills, California


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