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Re: [JAVAHELP] Backaction and forwardaction not working in a sec. window

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Ellen Meeker wrote:

>I have a secondary window defined that has back and forward buttons on its
>toolbar, but when I open a topic in this sec. window then click a link in
>that topic to open a second topic in the same sec. window, the back action
>button does not become active - it still appears as if there is no
>topic. So I can't go back to the previous topic from within the sec.
>Know what I mean?
>However, if I open a third topic from within the same sec. window the back
>button then "becomes active" and I can click it to go back to the previous
>topic. But I can never get to the first topic that was in this sec.

If you invoke the Back history (as you described) by holding down your
mouse button on the Back button, do you get an entry
in the list?
This sound very much like a problem that I'm experiencing within all our
helpsets being displayed from within our Java applications.
I have asked Binkey to look in to this, but I have had no reply as yet.

Here is a some info that I received from Stephan Schlecht (of Software7
fame) who kindly pointed out why this happens. I haven't managed to get our
developers to look into implementing his suggested changes yet so I can't
say if it will solve the problem, but her it is anyway:

> What API function are you using? I guess, you are using setCurrentID
> in DefaultHelpBroker.
> The problem:
> a) DefaultHelpBroker calls setCurrendID in the Presentation class
> b) Presentation calls setCurrentID in DefaultHelpModel
> c) DefaultHelpModel's setCurrentID makes the following call
> setCurrentID(ident,(String)null, (JHelpNavigator) null);
> -> Please note the second parameter: this is the "historyName"
> argument
> Background:
> The name for the favorite entry is communicated through a
> The BasicFavoritesNavigatorUI has a method called "idChanged", which
> for such events.
> There is a line
> contentTitle = e.getHistoryName();
> which takes the history name.
> Therefore if you are using the method setCurrentID like desribed above
> the method
> public void setCurrentID(ID ident, String historyName,
> JHelpNavigator navigator)
> of the class DefaultHelpModel is called with historyName = null.

Hope this is of some help.

Chris Morris
Technical Author
SAA Consultants Ltd


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