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[JAVAHELP] Open JavaHelp in an JInternalFrame. How to do it?? ?

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Roger Brinkley

Pires Claudio wrote:
> I followed your instructions and my application works. Thank you.
> Now I have a new problem.
> I created a Jinternalframe and I open help in this view using
> JHelpContentViewer.
> I want to open sensitive help in this window. The problem is that I have no
> idea how to doit.
> How can I do for my application open help in that JHelpContentViewer when I
> press F1 or after tracking too?

The context-sensitive APIs can be directed to a main-window,
secondary-window, or a popup. Unfortunately it wasn't set up for a
embedded window. Essentially you'll have to do all the coding yourself
but it's not very difficult. For instance, on a help button write an
action listener. When you set up the embedded viewer add a
helpModelListener to capture changes in the HelpModel. In the action
listener set the currentID in the HelpModel as desired and the listener
will fire an event to the contentViewer which cause the display to
change. The same process can be copied and modified for other activation
techniques. The key is the listener.



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