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Javahelp Search files not generating in WWP Javahelp project

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Windows 2000, WWP 6.07, FM 6.0
Hello folks, our company moved to new quarters and also replaced our PC
computers in the process.
upon reinstallation of my tools and applications, all seems to work well
with FM to WWP to CHM help,
but my JavaHelp projects are acting up - double entries in the Javahelp
Index - the index XML file in my Output folder shows similar but not
identical HTML links to the same place like this example:

but the text="InstallingDevices" field does not correspond to any marker
that I created, Index marker or otherwise.
The only hunch I have is that somehow some TOC or chapter title names
are being linked to the index???

a second problem is that the Search database files for the JavaHelp of
my biggest project are suddenly not generating.

naturally, we are right before a major release milestone, and I've got
to get this thing working withing the next 2-3 days!!!

Eli Marcus
Orsus Solutions


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