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System-initiated help

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I'm having some problems getting system-initiated help to work. I'm using JavaHelp 2.0.01.

When I run the program, the code executes and there are no errors but no help displays; it's as if the code is being ignored.

Here's my code:

HelpBroker helpBroker = helpSet.createHelpBroker();

try {
catch (BadIDException bid_excp) {
String msg = "Error encountered while trying to do system-initiated help.";

And here's the relevant entry in my map:


The cited article exists and is in the place described by the URL.

I realize that the try block would normally be part of an if statement (or equivalent) so that it only executes if a particular situation takes place but I'm just trying to prove that system-initiated help can be invoked correctly before I add the if logic that a real program would use.

Can anyone tell me why my code isn't working? I think I've done what is described in the manual....