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Polling for opinions on replacing content viewer

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Joined: 2006-02-17

First, I want to say that this forum has helped me through some foggy spots in designing a help system. Thanks to all especially Roger Brinkley.

And since I value the opinions of the posters on this forum so much, I was wondering if any of you have successfully replaced the JHelpContentViewer's underlying HTML browser component, and if so, with what?
Right now, we are looking for better support of modern HTML/CSS design, but in the future we'd like our JavaHelp to support some other higher-level languages like javascript or PHP. I've seen plenty of possible java browsers, but I can't find any reliable feedback on any of them.

And if someone has pulled this off, what are the trade-offs in doing so? Search highlighting? Lose support of secondary/popup window links in the HTML code? I've read that the next release will support a native browser, but I'm not sure if we can wait for it.

If someone could nudge me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!