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Switch Between Online and Local Help

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Joined: 2006-08-02

I am new to JavaHelp, though not to Java. I am trying to find out if the following are possible:

1. Launch Java Help from a Web Server, that is all the HTML files are served by a Web Server as requested/on demand, (not downloading a jar file for the Help Set). I need this from a Java Application (not applet/browser based).

2. If it is possible to launch Java Help using a remote Web Server for content, then is there any built in functionality that allows me to configure the System such that I can switch between a Local version of Help (Help Set Jar), to a Remote Version of Help based on Internet Connectivity availability?. The Idea is to use server Help files from a Help Portal whenever possible, and fallback onto a local copy when not possible. Since using the latest version is not the only concern (I want to capture some statistics regarding usage of Help topics), downloading the latest Help Set when Internet Connectivity is available does not satisfy the requirement.