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Getting bad Map ID msgs in idedemo

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I am running apidemo (in demos > src > idedemo) out of the box, no changes. When I press F1 in the editor or click the Help button in the Find panel, I get these messages: Not valid ID: browse.strings Not valid ID: edit.editsource

The help viewer displays fine and the help topics display fine. I verified that these map ids are valid.

Has anyone been able to successfully run this program?

Note that I put a try/catch in the program and it is throwing the bad map ID exception here:

demo.mainHB.enableHelpOnButton(helpButton, "browse.strings", null);
try {
demo.mainHB.setCurrentID( "browse.strings" );
} catch ( BadIDException e ) {
System.err.println( "Map ID Does Not Exist" );

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I figured out the problem. I had all of the demo helpset jars in my classpath and some of them had the same helpset name.