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Re: [JAVAHELP] Using the enablehelpkey method

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Anonymous wrote:

> I am trying to use the enablehelpkey method. However, when I pass a
> component directly as the 1st argument, it seems to display the
default ID
> and only the default ID. The component was previously assigned a
help ID,
> but will not display it. This seems to display ONLY what I pass as the
> default ID and not the help ID that was assigned. Any help would be
> appreciated. Here is the section of my code pertaining to this:
> public void setHelpIdString(Component component, String id)
> {
> CSH.setHelpIDString(component, id);
> helpBroker.enableHelpKey(component, "main", helpSet);
> }

Most likely you don't want to do the enableHelpKey on just any
component. You want to do it once on the rootpane component. If you're
setting the ID for a component there isn't a need to do anything other
than CSH.setHelpIDString. Only call enableHelp* if you need to do some
sort of activation as well that will be displayed through the
HelpBroker. See the documentation and the idedemo for further details.



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