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[JAVAHELP] text wrapping with large images

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Roger Brinkley

Ed Glennon wrote:

> Hi Roger,
> The attached zip file has 4 HTML files that show this problem for me,
> with both JDK versions I mentioned in my earlier email. Let me know if
> this is adequate for you to test.

Humm. Well it doesn't work for you but it does for me. By that I mean
your files fail on a 1.5 system that I test it on, but when I look at
the localizing HelpSets chapter in the JavaHelp User's Guide it's working.

There is something in your HTML that is causing the lines to wrap at the
size of the iamge but unfortuantely I don't have the time right now to
look into it. You might do a little bit of research using the JavaHelp
Users Guide and the localization chapters to see what we've done to make
it work.

Maybe others have experienced this problem as well and can provide a
solution as well.

Worst case scenerio, file a bug report with the files you sent me. If
you can't do the attachment let me know what the bug number is and I'll
do an attachment for you.



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