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Bullets distorted in JavaHelp viewer

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Joined: 2006-02-17

I use FrontPage to construct my html pages, which are linked (relatively) to a CSS file. When viewed through the JavaHelp viewer (I'm using Helen 1.5 to create)the bullets in my ul style are coming out large and distorted compared to viewing the page via a Web browser.

Any tips to make them look like they do in a browser. I note that the bullets in the Helen Help file look ok.


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Joined: 2006-02-17


I had the same problems with bullets. It was a two part fix, thanks to Paul Hoffman and Roger Brinkley:

First, Paul sent me a GIF image called "bluelistbull.gif"

Second, I called the GIF image from my stylesheet like this:

ul { font-family: Verdana; font-size: 11pt; color: #000000; list-style-image: url(bluelistbull.gif); }

Obviously, you can change the font settings however you wish. This image produces blue bullet images that are MUCH better looking than the junky default bullets.

I used to work in Helen 1.5 until we purchased RoboHelp X5. In the Helen project, I imported a folder called "html" that contained two subfolders - "style" and "topics". "style" contained all of my images (including bluelistbull) and the stylesheet. "Topics" contained all of the html topics. I worked with Stephan Schlecht of Software 7 to figure this structure out and it worked well.

Send me your email address and I can send you the bluelistbull image.

By the way, I still use the same stylesheet that calls the bluelistbull.gif image. I imported it into robohelp and it automatically brings everything into the project.

I think the key is to keep the .css and the .gif image in the same folder level.