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RoboHelp to JavaHelp

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Joined: 2006-02-17

I got a list of limitations from the RoboHelp website, but I've heard that isn't up-to-date as JavaHelp is more intuitive now. Does anyone have an updated list?

I'm specifically wondering if JavaHelp supports pop-up windows, About or Related Topics buttons, expanding glossary hotspot definitions, and browse sequencing.

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Joined: 2006-02-17

I can speak only on what I've experienced so far in the last year with building JavaHelp 2.0 in RoboHelp.

I've found that yes, RoboHelp X5 supports Java pop-ups in JavaHelp, but the popups are NOT auto-resizing. So, a 10 word popup looks as large and has as much space around the text as a 30 word pop-up. For the Java application for which we're writing help, we're not using pop-ups within the help, because they're so ugly and huge. We are, however calling some topics as popups from links in the application screens. One of our programmers is writing the code for that - we just identify which topics are going to be called as pop-ups from within the Java application.

See Also / Related Topics - this is supported in JavaHelp, but the functionality is limited and it doesn't look "pretty" compared to other help outputs. Although RoboHelp gives you the impression that you can choose font sizes and such for the buttons you create, you really can't if you'r building JavaHelp.

DHTML - DEFINITELY not supported in JavaHelp 2.0 built with RoboHelp.

Pretty much, we're building bare bones help. I created a special style in our stylesheet to remove extra spacing between a heading and the first paragraph beneath it. Of course, we need to tag the paragraph first. The same is true with paragraphs next to numbered lists or bulleted lists. Speaking of bullets, I'm using a special bullet image to replace the one generated by JavaHelp.

Bottom line - the list of 19 limitations posted by RoboHelp is generally pretty accurate. If we have to use JavaHelp, we do. Otherwise, we generate WebHelp or Microsoft HTML help.

Hope this helps. Sorry this response is so late in coming, but I only got back into this forum a few weeks ago. I was having a real hard time creating a new account before they modernized the forum.