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I am trying to convert the Help prepared using Robohelp to Javahelp. Since I am using the previous version ie RobohelpHTML2000, to view the Javahelp I require Javahelp1.0 version and JDk1.1. I have downloaded both but still i am getting the error " javahelp 1.0 required to view "

Can anybody help me?

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Joined: 2006-02-17


I have RoboHelp Office X5, but I ran into some similar problems. I don't remember how we fixed it, but it had to do with setting up environment variables (JHHOME)correctly and the path for JavaHelp 2.0 BEFORE we installed RoboHelp, since RoboHelp apparently looks for JDK and JavaHelp during the initial install and makes registry changes accordingly. The environment variable JHHOME is described in the javahelp 2.0 Software Reference Guide, according to the index, but I can't find it when I do a search.

Anyway, here's what we did for JavaHelp 2.0. I would recommend against using a lower version of JavaHelp if you can, unless your users don't mind an unexpected lock up of their printer should they decide to print a topic from JavaHelp (this was notorious nasty bug from JH 1.1.3, especially when we were developing JavaHelp using Helen 1.5). If you must use JavaHelp 1.1.3 (or earlier), well, good luck.

Modify these instructions to accomodate your version of the JDK and JavaHelp:

1. install your JDK on the root of your c:\ drive

2. install your JavaHelp on the c:\ drive also.

3. Create a new environment variable called JHHOME, the path is C:\yourjavahelpversion, where "yourjavahelpversion" is the actual name of the folder created by JavaHelp during the install to C:\.

Right click My Computer | Properties | Advanced tab.
Under System Variables, click New.
Variable name is JHHOME, value is C:\yourjavahelpversion.

4. Edit the Path variable so that it points to the "bin" directory of your JDK.

Under System Variables, click on the Path variable.
Click Edit
In Variable value, go to the end of the line and enter the following immediately after the last character, without any spaces:


"jdkname" is the actual name of the jdk folder installed on your C:\ drive.

Click Ok, then click Ok 2 more times.

Hope this helps. If it doesn't, call RoboHelp Support, if you can get through and have lots of patience. I know this works for JavaHelp 2.0 and j2sdk1.4.2 because we repeated this procedure successfully on 12 different PCs.

Good luck!