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Any improvements for JavaHelp 2.0?

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Joined: 2006-02-17

Does anyone know of any future (near future, this year) improvements we can expect with JavaHelp 2.0 that we could also expect the help authoring tool companies to embrace or hope they do?

I keep running into bugs in JavaHelp 2.0 that some might consider a minor annoyance but others, like myself, consider a BIG PAIN. Specifically, I'm talking about the Search - how it highlights different groupings of text that are not necessarily part of the original search string. I read that this is because the Java software used to build the JavaHelp is different than that used to build the Java application. Are there many companies out there developing JavaHelp where both the writers and the programmers use the same version of Java IF they even both program using Java? I would think this only happens where a) the company is really small and the programmers are also writing help and/or b) the company isn't using a separate help authoring tool to develop JavaHelp. It seems to me that JavaHelp should reflect the reality of the majority of help development efforts, which is probably (I think) where writer teams and programmer teams use different tools.

Also, the functionality of the "previous" and "next" buttons in the JH 2.0 viewer has me baffled. I read that this is a bug also. It never worked properly when I was creating JH 2.0 using Helen 1.5 or RoboHelp Office X5. I'm going to abandon the act of specifically creating and modifying a browse sequence for any JH 2.0 project since it doesn't work like it should. Am I asking too much?

Currently there are very few people internally looking at our JavaHelp 2.0 project so far, but I'll be worried when they do.

The latest spec I've seen for JavaHelp 2.0 is SEPTEMBER 2003. Is there an update?

Sorry to bitch and moan, but it's been really frustrating lately. I'm getting very limited support from RoboHelp lately, and we can't code directly in JavaHelp at my company, which, from what I've read on some of these forum posts, seems like the only solution for some of the problems.


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Joined: 2003-06-10

I agree JavaHelp could use some improvements, especially in being helpful/fault tolerant when parsing the various XML files. The helpviewer components also could stand to be opened up a bit more, for example, allowing me to trap hyperlink events from hrefs in the help content.

I just get the feeling that JavaHelp is not widely used enough to warrant a lot of attention.