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Serverhelp and localhost-URLs

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anybody using the JSP-based JavaHelp, which comes from the demos/serverhelp subdirectory?
I have a strange problem here.

Registering the HelpSet in the JSP with

<br />
" helpSetName="app/helpsets/MyHelpset.hs"/><br />

everything works fine on most machines. However, the identical setup at another site shows
the following strange behaviour:

The URL of the frame which should show the help pages is created with the following command:

<br />
"<br />

which normally resolves to the correct machine name but on that particular machine it resolves to "http://localhost:80/..."
which is obviously wrong, since localhost is the machine where the users browser is running.

The TOC is created using the following commands:

<br />
" tocView="<%= curNav %>" ><br />
tocTree.addTreeNode("<%= parentID %>","<%= nodeID %>","<%= iconURL!=""?iconURL:"null" %>","<%= name %>","<%= helpID %>","<%= contentURL!=""?contentURL:"null" %>","<%= expansionType%>" );</p>

Here the same problem appears. I searched the JavaHelp-Sources, but all I could found is that the URL
is created correctly: ValidateTag#createHelpSet creates ths URL as follows:

<br />
url = new URL(request.getScheme(), request.getServerName(), request.getServerPort(), hsName);<br />

which should NOT return localhost!

Any ideas?