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JHelpBuilder 2.0 Released

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JHelpBuilder 2.0 is available for download.

Version 2.0 continues with the JHelpBuilder's focus on generating helpsets with minimal effort.
We have added automatic Table of Contents and Index generation. Now you can point to an existing
directory and automatically generate TOC and Index. The map file will also be generated.
JHelpBuilder 2.0 available for free download at:

Keeping usability in mind, JHelpBuilder version 2.0 adds these new features:

* Automatic TOC and Index generation.
* External Editor Support.
* Improved Error Handling.
* Performance Improvements.
* Improved error checking.
* JavaHelp 2.0_02 Compliant.
* And many bug fixes.

About JHelpBuilder
JHelpBuilder is a FREE WYSWYG help authoring tool for generating helpsets for JavaHelp 2.x.
JHelpBuilder has a interface very similar to JavaHelp and gives real time feedback to help author.
JHelpBuilder helps you manage your helpsets efficiently, saving hours of development time.
JHelpBuilder has an intuitive user interface which will help a new JavaHelp author develop
HelpSets effortlessly and enable advanced JavaHelp authors to generate
powerful help presentations.

For details see
Checkout the free download at
Please provide us feedback ( to improve the
product for your satisfaction.

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Can this be used with Java 1.4.2?

Joined: 2003-11-21

No You need JDK1.5 or higher.
However, the generated java help files can be used with any version of java.