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Using JDIC Native Browser

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Hi all,

I would like to replace the default content viewer that is based on the JEditorPane because it doesn't support my HTML and CSS. Currently, I installed j2sdk 1.4.2_07 and jh2.0

According to the jhug, it said the JavaHelp 2.0 provides the native browser support. Thus, I have installed the JDIC release 9 to display the help topics in the JavaHelp system. Unfortunately, when I call the JavaHelp to launch, it shows "This page cannot be displayed." I don't know what's wrong with that. Is it dealing with map.jhm?

In my map.jhm, I wrote :

It seems that the native browser can't find the url I indicate. Am I correct? Additionally, do I correctly give the map version 1.0? How can I solve this problem?

About the installation of JDIC release 9, I set classpath to C:\jdic-0.9.1-bin-cross-platform\jdic.jar and C:\jdic-0.9.1-bin-cross-platform\windows\x86 for pointing to the native library files (tray.dll and jdic.dll) at my path variable in the system environmental variables. I would like to double check is the JDIC properly installed?

Thanks in advance,