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Server Side Java3D - Script for Java Servlet Graphics

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I am trying to develop a shell script to allow server side
Java3D based application to be deployed on a Linux server
(XFree86 OpenGL accelrated) running a servlet container
such as Tomcat. There is one developed for Sun Solaris (XSun) at the link below:

I tried many ways to modify this script to make it work on Linux XFree86 server without success. Does anyone in this
list have experience to make this script work on a
Linux with accelerated OpenGL XFree86 Server.



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Russell East


Russell East

But it's interesting. I have VmWare installed on the same FC2 system.
I have Win2k installed as a client OS. I can run my Java+J3D
application successfully in this environment. I *think* that this
Win2K is actually using the Linux X server to display graphics -
although I could be wrong, if Win2K is bypassing X to get to the OpenGL
drivers - unsure of this.

So, maybe it is kernel 2.6-specific? Anyone got a suggestion?
Testing and debugging within VmWare/Win2K on a laptop is sub-optimal, to
say the least!

-- Russell

Russell East wrote:

> Hi,
> I just installed FC2 as an update over the top of my FC1 (Linux)
> system. Java+J3D was working fine with FC1. But after the update,
> my J3D application is failing as follows.
> Everything compiles no problem. The app starts up displaying a swing
> UI, but no J3D at first (correctly). After selecting some stuff, the
> J3D canvas is shown, and an initial wire-frame is displayed - this
> works no problem also. After working with the UI some more, some
> images are supposed to be draped over the wire-frame as J3D textures -
> here is where it goes haywire. The textures look totally random
> looking 3d strips of color - actually looks really cool artistically,
> but not what was expected sadly...
> I've tried using JDK 1.5, 1.4.2, J3D 1.3.1 and J3D 1.3.2Alpha. All
> have the same result.
> I also have tried the two available kernel options - 2.6.5-1.358 and
> the updated 2.6.6-1.435.2.3 - again with same result.
> Of course, there are two main changes going from FC1 -> FC2:
> o change kernel from 2.4 -> 2.6, and
> o change X server from XFree to Xorg
> I'm wondering if there isn't some simple thing I need to do to tweak
> Xorg to get it to work properly. My computer has an ATI Radeon 7500
> (it's a laptop).
> This is really a disaster - would anybody else have tried FC2 with
> positive results?
> -- Russell

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