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Getting the source code files

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Hello everyone,

currently I am writting an application which requires to send an object composed of some java3d objects (BranchGroups, TransformGroups, Transform3Ds, Primitives, Appearance, etc). This "main" object needs to implement Serializable, since it's going to be passed as a parameter to a RMI method. Problem is all of its java3d components need to implement Serializable as well.

I've tried looking in the website, but one needs CVS connectivity to download the source code of those classes. But unfortunately I am working at school, with windoze machines behind a firewall which blocks everything.

So here is my question, can someone be so kind and privide me with these files (java-core, java-core-utils, vecmath -source code files-), or can someone point me to one place where I can get them without passing through CVS? Please, this is a really important project for school. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance to all,


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For sending Java 3D objects between applications or saving/loading scene graphs to files, you may want to look at using the package.

-- Kevin

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hi, i'm writing a project for school, a billiard written in java3d. now my friends and me are finishing graphical part but, implementing net side, with rmi, we saw that some object are not serializable, like canvas. have you some idea to help us? we need that, when a client connect to a server for playing against, client gets a reference to scene of the server, so when each player shot, we can see simultaneously in different pc action. is this possible? is the right way? please if u can give me some idea i would appreciate so much. our time is finishing and we don't know how to proceed. i saw you spoken about something like com.sun.j3d. thanx a lot

ps: sorry for my english

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Heya. Since it's unanswered ;) ... hmm, how much to say without doing your work for you? Some thoughts...

You probably want to have a think about:
a. "complete" vs. "incremental" I/O
b. "whole object-tree" vs. "enough"

If you were stopping your application and had to save all the data so that you could get it all back, you would need a "complete" record of your world state.

If you already had most of your world state, why would you send *all* the information again? The general solution is to send only the changes. Hence "incremental".

Irrelevant side-note...
Failed incrementals mandate complete!
The down-side of "incremental" changes is that, if the possibility exists that one of your incremental updates goes missing (e.g. network problems!), discrepancies can creep into your states. Consequently, either guarantee not to happen (which TCP will do) or periodically do a complete. Lots of interesting stuff here on how streaming multimedia is done -- probably not relevant to yourself.

This follows on to...
"Whole object-tree" vs. "only dynamic" vs. "enough"
Most games break geometry into static and dynamic sets. (N.b, if one considers it 'geometry' (not really true), there's another set "client specific" that includes the viewer, perhaps their HUD, etc. If you like, your question's "Canvas" ?)
So, static can be shared once at start of level / area or at compile time (geometry of billiard table's pretty static ;) ). That leaves the "dynamic" bits, often not all of these are moving -- if you can tell, that means only need to transmit those.

Where are the bottlenecks?
If network's thin (small bandwidth) or slow (high latency), minimize what you send (but it'll probably cost you more processing time at CPU end = maybe good/maybe bad; might also be more work for you!)
If CPU's small but network's fast and fat, send it all! (but note the sending and receiving might take CPU!)
If implementation time's short, implement whatever's best route to 'working' in time remaining ;) (And if there's a chance anyone'll come back to it, write it so they'll understand and write it so that it's fixable!) Downside, "choose in haste, repent at leisure"!
Oh, and if school class marks are in demand, write it however teacher likes that best demonstrates your genius ;)


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Hello everyone,

I found them. I had to click on the link "Version Control", and follow some links. Sorry to those who this message might have bothered. I will try to calm down before freaking out and rushing to post to this list.

Good day and cheers.