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[JAVA3D-INTEREST] 5 minutes waste

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While cleaning some directories, I found code from
who posted on this list several years ago. If you manage to get the grip on
the utilities code you'll find an overlay implementation and a canvas3D
movie recorder (and some other minor stuff).

I didn't find any licence for the code, ask the author.

Just in case you didn't want to use the code from or ncsa portfolio.

BTW, when can we have a glimpse of the future feature list so that we can
react ?




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> BTW, when can we have a glimpse of the future feature list so that we can react ?

I posted a glimpse of the major feature in Java 3D 1.4 on Friday:

We don't have a list of other 1.4 features yet, but I will be starting one shortly.

Separately, I plan to put together a list of possible utilities (based largely on ideas that have been discussed here). Since these don't need to go through the JCP, there is more flexibility about when/how they are done. Some of them may be appropriate for inclusion into j3d-core-utils, but many of of them should be elsewhere. Related to this is another idea that we've been talking about. That of creating a j3d-incubator project -- similar to . The idea is that anyone with a signed JCA would get developer rights in that project for the purpose of creating simple tools/utilities that on their own are probably too small or too experimental to warrant a separate project. I think I'll just go ahead and create this project while I'm thinking about it.

-- Kevin