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[JAVA3D-INTEREST] Java3D enhanced debugger?

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Kyle McDonald

Hi all.

Once upon a time, I saw some glossy's about a CASE tool from SGI
that included a debugger that used OpenGl to give the code
developer some interesting 3D capabilities to view and watch his
programs data and datastructures.

unfortunately I never actually got to see the program in action so
I'm not sure exactly what it could do or how well it worked.

Does anyone remember the tool I'm describing? Did anyone actually
use it? What exactly did it let you do and was it useful?

I know those questionas are alittle off topic, but it does lead me
to my real question...

Does anyone know of anything similiar for debugging Java programs?
Can/Should we brainstorm some possibilities for Java3D extensions
to some common Java debugger? In what ways could 3D vizualization
help debug even a non-3d (or non-graphics even) application?

On a more related note, I find myself stepping through my Java3D
program looking at fields and nested fields for object that only
show me 3D coordinates, or angles, and I find it very hard to look
at them and decide if what I'm seeing is correct or not.

I would love to find or figure out how to write something where
the Java3D canvas was up and hilighting the J3D object that I was
selecting in the debugger. Right now my debugging is happenning
durring the processing of input files, and before I even attempt
to display the model. I know I could rewrite the code to build the
scene graph live as it reads the file, but that to me seems like
adding print statements for debugging.

Chaninging the code for debugging seems like a bad idea in so many

Anyone have any tips?


-------------------------ooO( )Ooo--------------------------------
Kyle J. McDonald (o o) Systems Support Engineer
Sun Microsystems Inc. ||||| Kyle.McDonald@Sun.COM
1 Network Drive \\\// voice: (781) 442-2184
Burlington, MA 01803 (o o) fax: (781) 442-1542

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