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Doug Twilleager

This is incorrect. JSR-231 - Java bindings for OpenGL is still very
much alive. The goal of this JSR is to provide
a mechanism to track the latest graphics features very quickly. Once
the initial bindings are complete, it will be
very quick to add new API in response to new features in OpenGL. This
JSR will serve many different markets
and not just games. It just so happens that games are very interested
in this API.

As for building Java 3D on top of JOGL/JSR-231, I have commented many
times that the right solution is to have
a rendering interface for Java 3D and JOGL/JSR-231 could be one instance
of a renderer. We want
to maintain a certain amount of renderer independence. We have gotten
requests, for example, to
allow for pluggable ray tracing renderers - and a rendering interface
would facilitate that.


>I attended a Project Looking Glass presentation at our local Java User Group. The speaker from Sun mentioned that JOGL api has been pulled out of the JSR process because it is Gaming oriented! The pace of JSR will never catch up the pace of the Gaming community where "performance" and "features" are everything for the gaming community.
>When you look at the release cycle of nVidia and ATI, drivers are released just to get better benchmark results from Doom III and ignore the quality of the drivers they released!
>That's why Java3D shouldn't based on JOGL because of JSR and spec stability issues. Although I am personal looking for a way to add JOGL to the Java3D rendering pipeline becuase of the fundamental differences between a SceneGraph based Java3D and procedure oriented JOGL. It would be really nice if this could be an official Java3D plugin.
>On the other hand, for users of CAD/CAM/Animation/Manufacturing industry, they prefer to use the Processional level video card because of the strict quality assurance before releasing drivers and they prefer stability ,quality long product support cycle of the video card and drivers rather than performance and features!
>Are there conflicts for Java3D to based on stable JOGL and maybe consolidate Java3D and Xith3D? I would like to see this happen! However, since JOGL is not on the JSR route, it seems not possible from this point of view!
>-- Scott
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