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[JAVA3D-INTEREST] Req. for b-rep skinning algorithms

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I've reversed-engineered a good chunk of the ACIS/SAT format embedded in
more recent DXFs and deciphered their encryption. What I've got now is a
handful of splines, surfaces and other distinctly non-mesh, b-rep objects
which I'd like to translate into mesh for accelerated display on cheap
hardware. i.e. once they're out of CAD I have no intention of putting them
back in, but I'd like to see what's inside them from j3d.

Is best-fit on a regular-interval uv grid the current thinking for
skinning/tessellating various b-reps or are there more modern approaches?


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It looks like the forum messed up with the post. It happened to me before. You might want to start a new topic with the name as you posted.

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Between that and the latency of some posts its a wonder any of us is still sane. :D