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how to work cube's edges

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Joined: 2004-06-23

hi all
first ... sorry about my poor English
Please tell me?
how to make out line on cube's outline
j3D example is have a Poligon_line and Polingon_fill
but I want fill face and have a line so it have not example.. do you have any Idea or example source?
if you have Idea or example file send message for me
e-mail ::

thank you read my poor English word...

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Joined: 2003-07-17

As far as I know Java3D doesnot allow put poligon-line and polygon-fill
at same
time, but you can cheat.
* duplicate your shape3D and set the 1st (first) as polygon_fill, and
the 2nd
(second) one as polygon_line.
* put the second one slightly bigger the the first one - 1.02f Maybe is
to avoid zbuffer fight.
* or use OrderedGroup, and RendererAttribute with Alpha set to draw pixels ALWAYS;

I use the above tips to put some color in my black&White DOT3 bumpMap

I hope it helps you too.


Joined: 2004-06-23

thank you I will try it
thank you aces