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1.3.2-build8 (last pre-beta build)

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Java 3D 1.3.2-build8 is now on the web. This is the last planned pre-beta build of Java 3D 1.3.2. We hope to release 1.3.2-beta1 some time next week. After that our focus will shift to 1.4 API features. We don't plan on fixing any more bugs for 1.3.2 unless there are serious regressions or other show-stopper bugs.

The build is the the usual place:

in the "Experimental_Builds/1.3.2-build8" folder

The 1.3.2-early-access build in the project has been updated with build8. Because of the caching problems, you may need to flush your Web Start cache to pick up this change.

-- Kevin

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Thanks! 谢谢!