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Issues with mixed-mode rendering...

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Joined: 2004-07-24

This is an appeal for advise on things to watch out for when doing
mixed-mode rendering. I'm seeing weirdness that I can't account for,
and in one case, wouldn't expect.

In particular, I see one case where some 2D graphics I draw using a
j3DGraphics2D are affected by a ModelClip node. I wouldn't have
expected *anything* in the scene graph to affect the 2D graphics.

In another case, when I draw a small Shape3D while in immediate mode,
the shape draws fine, but it either corrupts the lighting in the scene
graph, or minimally alters the Materials of some objects in the scene
graph (I call it the "lights out" bug, because that is the visual
effect). In this case, I've tried to preserve the state of the
GraphicsContext3D I obtain during the postRender() call from the
Canvas3D before returning, but that hasn't done the trick.

What should I be aware of when drawing using either of a J3DGraphics2D
and/or a GraphicsContext3D; i.e., what operations done in immediate
mode can subsequently influence retained-mode drawing performed by the
rendering thread ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Rick Brownrigg

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Joined: 2004-07-24

I should have been more precise with my terminology. In all cases I am using "mixed-mode" rendering (i.e., drawing from a call to the Canvas3D's postRender() method), when drawing to either a GraphicsConfig3D or a J3DGraphics2D.

Again, what's most puzzling, is that the presence of a ModelClip anywhere in the scene graph should have *any* influence on graphics written via a J3DGraphics2D?

Joined: 2004-03-17

This is probably a bug in Java 3D. If you have a simple test program, please file an issue and attach the test program.

-- Kevin