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[JAVA3D-INTEREST] new Linux NVidia drivers improves Java3D support

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The new Linux IA32 NVidia Linux drivers (66.29), among several "improves and
bug fixes" also brings :
"Improved performance for Java2D."

and a new enviroment variable to improve stability on Java3D.
Sounds good to me ! ;)

>From the readme.txt :
" libGL DSO finalizer and pthreads
When a multithreaded OpenGL application exits, it is possible for
libGL's DSO finalizer (also known as the destructor, or "_fini")
to be called while other threads are executing OpenGL code. The
finalizer needs to free resources allocated by libGL. This can
cause problems for threads that are still using these resources.
Setting the environment variable "__GL_NO_DSO_FINALIZER" to
"1" will work around this problem by forcing libGL's finalizer
to leave its resources in place. These resources will still
be reclaimed by the operating system when the process exits.
Note that the finalizer is also executed as part of dlclose(3),
so if you have an application that dlopens(3) and dlcloses(3)
libGL repeatedly, "__GL_NO_DSO_FINALIZER" will cause libGL to leak
resources until the process exits. Using this option can improve
stability in some multithreaded applications, including Java3D


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oh oh!
I post in the wrong place...

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Just a note:

For archive best performance for 2D I have to disable FSAA and Anisotropic filtering.