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One major advantage of Java was always portability. Is there some policy regarding the availibility of Java3D. Like for example that it will be available wherever Java itself is available or so?

I've heard that Java3D is a "heavywight" component. What does that mean? Is it not pure Java mostly but depends on huge JNI interfaces? Is this a bottleneck when porting Java3D.

Speed is important, and new features like shaders and stuff, but also portability I think. What's the strategy when it comes to that?

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Joined: 2003-07-17

"Heavyweight" in simple words means it is based upon AWT,using O.S. peers, instead of Swing, a "lightweight" software renderer.
Canvas3D is a subclass of java.awt.Canvas, instead Swing's JPanel, etc.
Of course you can mix Java3D and Swing and AWT, with some restrictions.

Visit for more info about it and your other questions.